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Enjoy the thrill of winning with a simple but exciting game! All it takes is picking between Chõ or Han, and you'll be all set to roll the dice and have a blast.
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What is Chõ-Han?

The Traditional Japanese Game

Chõ-Han Bakuchi, or simply Chõ-Han, is a traditional Japanese gambling game that dates back centuries. Historically, players would gather in tea houses to place bets and enjoy a drink.

In Chõ-Han, players place bets on whether the roll of the dice will result in Chõ (even) or Han (odd). Traditionally, the dice are concealed under a bamboo cup, which is shaken just before the big reveal. The winner is determined by whether the total number on the dice is even or odd, aligning with the player's bet.

In some variations nonrelated to the traditional japanese origin, Winning bets doubled the earnings for the players if they also predicted the exact number, or if the dice total was 12 or 2.

At Luckydice, we're proud to be among the few crypto casinos that offer Chõ-Han. We've taken this classic game and given it a digital twist, combining the thrill of crypto gambling with the convenience of no-deposit bonuses, exciting mini-games, and auto-betting settings.

Also, you can have fun with Chõ-Han for free through our Faucet Tournaments, you can win 350 KONG every hour!

So, why wait? experience the future of Bitcoin gaming with Luckydice, where traditional meets digital in a thrilling game of chance!

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How to play Chõ-Han

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Make your bet. Decide the amount you want to bet. You can write or select it using the plus and minus buttons.
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Select an option. Choose if the dice will sum an even number (Chõ) or an odd number (Han).
Number three.
Roll the dice. Once you're ready, roll the dice and hit the "Roll" button to discover if you made the right selection!


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