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Win a juicy prize with our $500 giveaway

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The best Bitcoin Dice game since 2020
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Cryptos accepted by luckydice like Bitcoin,Dogecoin, XRP, Ethereum, and Litecoin
Luckydice also accepts Dash deposits. Get your money fast with instant withdrawals and deposits. You can also store your money in fiat currencies.

Luckydice makes your crypto grow!

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Be part of Luckydice’s daily, weekly and monthly leaderboards and win giant crypto bonuses!
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Magic chest

Hit achievement goals and win Silver, Gold, and Black chests with gigantic crypto bonuses!
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The higher the Rank, the larger the cashback percentage.
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Each new level brings massive bonuses!
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Free faucet

Play using real money with the best faucets ever!
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And more coming soon!

Stay tuned for upcoming bonuses!
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Hit the Jackpot, win big
Win a gigantic Jackpot by playing and nothing more. A winning bet can bring tons of crypto to a lucky winner!
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Win money for every bet your referrals make
Invite your friends to join Luckydice and get up to 50% revenue share on your referrals.
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Stay connected using the best chat.

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Share bets and get showered with crypto with our Rain feature.
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