What is Provably Fair?

When a game is provably fair, it means that it provides a transparent way for the player to verify that the site generates the result of every play randomly.

At Luckydice, all of the games are entirely provably fair, which makes Luckydice the only 100% provably fair iGaming platform in the market.

The outcome of every play comes from combining a hashed Server Seed, provided by Luckydice, and a Client Seed given by the browser in which you are playing.

The combination of the Client Seed and the Server Seed generates random outcomes for every play.

We use an algorithm that produces a Server Seed beforehand and keeps them in a hash that can be verified by the user after the play ends.

You can see the complete Server Seed after generating a new one by clicking on the Randomize button of the bet details window. After randomizing, you can check all bets made with the previous Server Seed.

How can I verify a bet?

You can check your bets by going to the sidebar and clicking on My bets. Choose the bet you want to check and click on it. You’ll be able to see your moves in that play, the location of every winning cell, the Client Seed the hashed Server Seed, and the Nonce number.

You can also check the fairness with our in-game calculator or use the open-source version.

How can I see the complete Server Seed?

To see the complete Server Seed, you’ll need to change the current seed by clicking on Randomize. This will generate a new Server Seed which will be used in all future bets until you randomize again.

After randomizing and clicking on Verify you’ll be able to see the outcome of every play with that Server-Client Seed combination by going up and down the Nonce switcher.

How can I randomize my Client Seed?

You can randomize your Client Seed by going to the Fairness tab on the menu and clicking on the randomize symbol 🔄 on the Client Seed box. You can also change your seed manually by typing it yourself.