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Updated on September 22, 2023

Gambling dice games have been a staple in human entertainment for thousands of years. These simple cubes embody the concept of chance and their versatility has given rise to a lot of games. Their presence in traditional casinos is undeniable, making them a cornerstone of the gambling world.

With the advent of crypto casinos, dice games have naturally found their place in this digital revolution. Luckydice is at the forefront of this change, offering a wide selection of gambling dice games that make it an ideal platform for those looking to venture into crypto gambling.

In this article, we will go into the diverse range of dice games offered by Luckydice. From digital to classic, and even some you may have never heard of, we'll explore their unique features and how to play them.

And, as most crypto casinos only offer classic dice, you're likely to be surprised by our catalog, which includes games with different numbers of dice and digital versions that tweak the rules a bit. And, of course, double the fun.

Prepare to roll the dice and experience the thrill like never before.

Why Dice Games? The Allure and Excitement Explained

The allure of dice games is hard to deny. One of the main reasons is their simplicity; the rules are easy to understand, and the dice themselves can be made out of various materials, making them accessible to everyone.

Dice games have also found a natural home in crypto casinos. The digital nature of these platforms allows for quick and easy gameplay, making gambling dice games a perfect fit. The transparency and fairness assured by blockchain technology add another layer of appeal.

In conclusion, the simplicity and versatility of dice games make them a popular choice in both traditional and crypto casinos. Whether you're rolling physical dice or digital ones, the excitement and chance for big wins remain the same.

Showcasing Our Dice Games

At Luckydice, we take pride in offering a diverse selection of gambling dice games that cater to all types of players. Whether you're a fan of the classics or looking to try something new, we've got you covered with 8 great dice games.

You can bet crypto and get payouts the same way, although you can try our new faucet mode. That’s right! You can play for free, compete against other players every hour and receive crypto by just playing.

Now, let’s talk about our games, we'll go over the rules, unique features, and winning potential of each game, giving you all the information you need to pick your new favorite.

Also, we take pride in being a completely provably fair casino, we have the technology to ensure that each dice roll is unique and the random component is not controlled by the casino or any third party. All our games are provably fair, so you can rest easy.

In game bonuses

Before we start introducing our dice games, let's briefly discuss our in-game bonuses. All our games feature these special big earnings, which are completely random and will immensely enhance your gaming experience at Luckydice.

Plinko: Gravity is so rewarding! Watch the ball fall on your prize!

Wheely: Spin the wheel and get a surprise prize.

Free Spins: Get bonus rolls that are loss-free guaranteed.

All these bonuses can appear on the screen at any time, so be ready for some extra fun at no additional cost!

Classic Dice

Our first game is the well known Classic Dice. This game takes you back to the roots of dice gaming. It is really simple, roll two dice to produce a number between 2 and 12. Players set a slider and then guess whether the resulting number will be above or below the set value.

The payouts for Classic Dice range from x1.24 to x32.40, offering a different range of winning possibilities.

If you move the slider to the right you will set the “difficulty” to the hardest, by doing this you will only if you roll a 2 or a 12, only two chances. The risk is higher, but also the payout (x32.40) if you want to go all in looking for big wins, this is the way to play this game.

Also, in our version of Classic Dice, you can check the history of bets at the top part of the screen. The dice will be colored red if the bet resulted in a loss, and green if you won.

How to Play Classic Dice

  1. Set your betting amount.
  2. Drag the slider to choose your winnings. A higher multiplier means more money, but it also makes winning less likely.
  3. Choose whether the roll will be "Under" or "Over."
  4. Finally, roll the dice.
Start Winning with Classic Dice

Digital Dice

Digital Dice is a modern twist on traditional dice games, perfect for those who love the element of chance. In this game, a Random Number Generator (RNG) rolls a number between 0.01 and 99.99. Players set a target number and then guess whether the rolled number will be above or below it.

With payouts ranging from x1.1 to x1000, Digital Dice offers endless excitement and opportunities to win big. Just like Classic Dice, moving the slider to the most right (or left) side will increase difficulty and payouts, try your luck!

How to Play Digital Dice

  1. Choose your desired bet amount.
  2. Use the slider to pick your payout. A higher multiplier means bigger wins but also slimmer chances of winning.
  3. Select whether the result will be "Under" or "Over."
  4. Hit the "Roll" button to see the outcome.
Try out a brand new way to experience a timeless classic with Digital Dice


Also known as birdcage or sweat rag, Chuck-A-Luck originated as a carnival game and adds a layer of complexity to traditional dice games. In this game, three dice are rolled, and players have three different betting categories: betting on specific numbers, choosing between low/field/high, or betting on triples.

The game offers payouts up to x30, making it an exciting choice for those looking to win big. We understand that Chuck-A-Luck can be a bit complex to grasp. Still, if you continue reading you will understand what you're betting on when you choose options like “low” or “field”.

How to Play Chuck-A-Luck

  1. Set your betting amount.
  2. Choose one of the various betting options (see table below).
  3. Click "Roll" to test your luck.
Any of the dice hits the chosen number.
The dice sum a number between 3 and 9.*
The dice sum a number not between 8 and 12.*
The dice sum a number between 12 and 18.*
All three dice show the same number.

*A triple cancels out these results.

Play Chuck-A-Luck, choose the best betting option to guess how 3 dice will land.

Poker Dice

Poker Dice combines the strategy of poker with the chance elements of dice games. In this game, you roll five dice to form poker hands. Players can choose between three levels of difficulty, each offering different payouts.

Payouts for Poker Dice range from x1.20 to x100, providing a wide array of winning opportunities.

This is the ideal game for those seeking variations of poker. The classic card game requires strategic thinking and card counting. At Luckydice, we offer a simple yet thrilling variant that will keep you on your toes.

How to Play Poker Dice

  1. Set your betting amount.
  2. Choose your difficulty level, which can be Low, Medium, or High.
  3. Roll the dice. The winning combinations are based on poker rankings. Here are the possible winning rolls:
    • Two Pair
    • Three of a Kind
    • Straight
    • Full House
    • Four of a Kind
    • Five of a Kind
Play Poker Dice to win!


Seven is a straightforward yet thrilling dice game where you bet on the outcome of two rolled dice. The objective is simple: guess whether the sum of the dice will be under, over, or exactly 7.

Correct guesses of “under 7” or “over 7” will double the money you bet. Now, if you go for rolling a 7, you can earn up to x5. Remember, 7 is the most likely outcome in a two-dice roll, making the game both exciting and rewarding.

How to Play Seven

  1. Set your betting amount.
  2. Choose if the sum of the dice will be under 7, exactly 7, or over 7. Picking exactly 7 offers a higher payout but has lower odds.
  3. Hit "Roll" to see the outcome.
Roll two dice to play Seven, win up to x5.


Numbers is a dice game that adds a layer of precision to the mix. In this game, three dice are rolled, and players place bets on the exact value that will come up as the sum of the dice.

Payouts for Numbers range from x6 to x100, offering a wide range of winning opportunities for those who like to play the odds.

Since we've added a dice to the mix, there are significantly more scenarios and outcomes. In this version, 7 is no longer the most probable outcome, with that role now taken by 9,10,11, and 12. Additionally, numbers like 3 or 18 can pay you up to x180 if you correctly predict the roll.

How to Play Numbers

  1. Set your betting amount.
  2. Choose a roll value between 3 and 18.
  3. Press "Roll" to see the outcome.
Roll three Dice and guess the overall result with Numbers

Two Out Of Three Dice

In Two Out of Three, players guess the values of two out of the three rolled dice. The game offers two types of payouts: earn 6X if you guess different values or a whopping 12X if you guess the same values for the two dice.

How to Play Two Out Of Three Dice

  1. Set your betting amount.
  2. Select two numbers, which can either be the same or different. Choosing the same number offers a higher payout but has lower odds.
  3. Click "Roll" to test your luck. To win, you need to guess both numbers correctly.
Play Two Out of Three on Lucky Dice to win big

Chõ Han

Chõ Han is a traditional Japanese gambling game that simplifies dice betting to its core. In this game, all you have to do is guess whether the sum of two rolled dice will be even or odd. LuckyDice is one of the few crypto casinos that offer this unique game.

Every correct guess pays x1.90, making it a straightforward yet rewarding game.

How to Play Chõ Han

Playing Chõ Han is incredibly simple and involves the following steps:

  1. Set your betting amount.
  2. Choose if the sum of the dice will be an even number (Chõ) or an odd number (Han).
  3. Roll the dice to see if you guessed correctly.
Guess even or odd in Cho-Han

Experience the Thrill of Dice Gambling at LuckyDice

When it comes to provably fair gambling dice games, LuckyDice stands out from the crowd. Not only do we offer a diverse selection of eight dice games, but we're also the only crypto casino that features some of them. You can play with complete confidence, knowing that each roll is transparent and fair.

Dive into the action with a vast array of currencies at your disposal. Setting up an account is a breeze— all you need is a web3 wallet. Plus, there's no need to go through a lengthy KYC process, so you can start playing immediately.

The simplicity and the excitement of betting with dice have made them a staple in both traditional and crypto casinos. The easy-to-understand rules and the wide range of outcomes make dice games an excellent choice for both new and experienced players. At LuckyDice, we take this to the next level by offering unique games that you won't find anywhere else.

Give LuckyDice a try and don't miss out on the ultimate dice gaming experience. Whether you're a seasoned gambler or new to the world of crypto casinos, we have a game for you. Come and experience the thrill of dice gambling like never before.

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