Fresh No Deposit Bonus: Faucet Tournaments to Win Free Crypto Rewards

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Updated on December 14, 2023

Are you always on the hunt for new and thrilling ways to maximize your crypto earnings without having to deposit your own money? Luckydice is happy to announce our latest feature: No-Deposit Bonus Faucet Tournaments! You only need to play to win a great prize in KONG tokens. Let's take a deeper dive into what this means for you.

What is a no-deposit casino bonus?

A no-deposit casino bonus is, quite simply, a bonus that players receive without having to deposit any of their own funds. This bonus allows you to explore and experience the offerings of a casino without any financial risk.

Why do online casinos offer no-deposit bonuses?

Online casinos provide no-deposit bonuses as a way to attract new players. It’s a win-win situation: players get a taste of the casino’s offerings, and the casino gains potential new regular users.

How Does Luckydice No Deposit Bonus Work?

Luckydice's no deposit bonus is a game-changer, thanks to our Faucet Mode. The Faucet Mode enables you to compete for a no-deposit bonus in an exciting 1-hour tournament and win KONG tokens. To start playing, follow these simple steps:

Claim your Faucet Drops from the bonuses section, after which they get added to your balance ready for use.

Start your gaming adventure. Use your Faucet drops to play any game in the Faucet Mode, opening up a world of entertainment and rewards.

Track your performance by checking your position on the Faucet Leaderboard in the bonuses section.

When you win, claim the Faucet prize. After making it into the leaderboard, you will find a notification within the "Available to claim" tiles.

Keep in mind that your Faucet drop claims, and waiting duration depend on your rank. For instance, a Shimin gets one drop every minute for up to 10 minutes, while an Emperor gets four drops every minute for up to 6 hours. You can find more information on the faucet mechanism at Luckydice’s help center (

The 1-hour Faucet tournament hosts a 50-place Faucet Leaderboard. If you make it to the leaderboard, you'll earn KONG tokens as prizes. So, spot your username on the Faucet leaderboard, head to the bonuses section, look for the "Available to Claim" tiles, and wait for the KONG tokens to roll in. Mastery of the Faucet Mode promises grand rewards, echoing why Luckydice is the ultimate choice for no-deposit bonus games.

Use The No Deposit Bonus to Win More Crypto

Winning the no-deposit bonus can be the kickstart to cashing in even more crypto earnings. Once a player wins their first KONG tokens on the faucet tournament, they can use it to play in KONG mode, betting on any of the games using the house token. When you play with KONG units, you can rank on the daily, weekly, and monthly KONG leaderboards and split the accumulated prize pool for each board. And there is more: KONG bets get daily cashback and KONG chests, which are three different categories of surprise bonuses. Silver, Gold, and Black chests will start filling up on Luckydice’s bonuses dashboard with a minimum and maximum possible awardable prize that will revealed when the time displayed on the chest is up. By strategically playing games and taking advantage of the bonuses package on Luckydice, a no-deposit bonus could lead to substantial wins.

How to Earn More KONG With Staking?

Multiply your KONG tokens by staking them onto your dedicated staking account at Luckydice. When you deposit your tokens into your staking account, your estimated staking rewards will grow over the monthly payout periods according to how much is wagered on the site. Luckydice’s rewards system works in connection with the site’s house edge. This means KONG holders receive part of the house edge as a monthly payout.

winner every time at no-deposit bonus tournament

Make Dice Game Your Bread and Butter

Learning about the possible payouts of every dice game you play will significantly influence your total winnings. For instance, some games offer payouts of up to x1,000 per bet, but betting on these options and winning is far less likely than going for dice combinations with smaller multipliers. Crafting a knowledgeable method for dice betting that suits your gaming budget and sticking to it sounds reasonable enough. However, many players struggle to stick to a plan when stimulated by the dopamine release that comes with gambling. Considering this, we propose reviewing each of Luckydice’s games to understand your possibilities.

Meet Luckydice’s Provably Fair Games

Transparency is paramount when it comes to choosing a crypto casino. So, when trying a new site with your no deposit bonus, it is always better to go for a provably fair platform. Provably fair dice games are designed with a cryptographic algorithm that allows players to verify the fairness of each game round. So, the player has the power to verify the outcome through a certified in-game calculator or using external open-source software. Now, let's go over each of Luckydice’s 100% provably fair games and their rules:

Playing Classic Dice is simple. You have two dice, and you can bet on them landing under or over a certain number. You can change the numbers by dragging the selector located below the “Under” and “Over” betting options. The payout possibilities change according to the selector's position.

To play Digital Dice, start by choosing your desired bet amount. You can type it in or use the plus and minus buttons. Then, use the slider to select your desired payout. The higher the multiplier, the larger your winnings will be. But remember that higher multipliers also come with lower odds of winning. After that, select whether the digital dice's result will be Under or Over. Click the roll button and watch the digital dice roll. If your guess is correct, you win!

In Chuck a Luck, you can bet on different options. For Numbers Bet, you need to select one of the six dice boxes. You will win a different payout according to how many dice on the roll match your bet. Matching dice have different payouts. For High Bet, you bet that the sum of dice will be higher than 10, unless you roll a triple dice, then you lose the bet. For Field Bet, you bet that the sum of all three dice will be one of eleven specific numbers. For Low Bet, you need to roll less than 11 to win. For Any Triple, you win only if the three numbers on the dice are the same.

Playing Chō-Han is easy. Choose an option between Chō (even numbers), Han (odd numbers), Any Double, or Lucky Eight (which is the highest payout). Roll the dice, and that is it!

To play Poker, start by placing your bet by entering it manually or using the plus and minus buttons. Next, choose the difficulty level: Low, Medium, or High. Once you have made your selection, roll the dice. The winning dice combinations follow the same ranking as poker, and the highest possible combination is five identical dice. Your payout will depend on the combination you roll.

In Seven, customize your betting amount, and guess if the dice sum will be Under 7, 7, or Over 7. If your choice is that the outcome will be 7, the payout is higher, but the chances are lower. Hit “Roll” and see if you won!

To play Numbers, decide how much money you want to bet by either entering it manually or using the plus and minus icons. Then, choose the number you think the three dice will sum up. The amount you'll win depends on your chances of getting that number. The lower the chances of getting that outcome, the higher the payout. When you are ready, roll the dice! If you guessed correctly, you win.

In Two out of Three, choose your desired betting amount by typing it manually or adjusting it with the plus and minus icons. Then, choose two numbers: they can be the same or two different numbers. Click “Roll” to test your luck. To win, you need to guess both numbers correctly. If you do, you win!

Cashing out Your Casino Bonus

When you're ready, withdrawing your casino bonus is straightforward with Luckydice. When you log in, you'll find a Wallet section near your total balance. Here, selecting the Withdraw tab is your first step toward collecting your bonus.

Next, you'll connect your Web3 wallet (like MetaMask) to your Luckydice account. The process is straightforward, and shortly, your wallet and Luckydice will be working together perfectly.

After setting up your wallet, you'll pick your KONG account from the "withdraw from" options. Then, you'll enter the address you want your tokens sent to. Be careful with this step - you want the tokens to end up in the right place.

Currently, KONG tokens work well on Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain networks, so you get a choice of where you want the process to happen. But remember to check that you have enough KONG tokens to cover the transaction fees to avoid any issues.

After these steps, your tokens are ready to move! If, for some reason, MetaMask doesn't show your KONG tokens right away, you might need to add them manually. Once everything is done, your KONG tokens are ready to use.

How much risk are you willing to take on?

Making the most of your gaming experience involves understanding your level of comfort with risk. Risk can be thrilling - it's part of the very structure of betting - but it's essential to maintain a level of risk that aligns with your ability to manage and enjoy the experience. Hence, knowing how much you're willing to stake and potentially lose is a crucial part of bankroll management.

One effective strategy is to set a daily limit. By setting an amount that you're comfortable losing each day, you can ensure that your gaming experience remains fun and doesn't overstep into anxiety-inducing territory. Remember, the goal is to immerse yourself in the enjoyment of the game without jeopardizing your financial health. This limit can be flexible in response to your circumstances but must always be followed to maintain a healthy balance.

With these limits set, you'll find you can play freely without overextending yourself, enhancing your overall experience. Defining boundaries allows you to truly enjoy the thrill of the game, safe in the knowledge that your potential losses are within your comfort zone.

Playing within your risk tolerance level doesn't have to hinder your fun; instead, these boundaries prevent you from straying into stressful situations, keeping your focus on the joy of the game. This way, you get to enjoy every single part of your Luckydice experience without unnecessary worry.

Create rules for your No-Deposit Bonus Bankroll

Enforcing limits on yourself can be easier said than done, but there are features within the Luckydice platform that can help you stay on track. For instance, you can define a no-deposit bonus bankroll management strategy using your KONG staking account. You can maintain a healthy balance by depositing any winnings from the KONG no-deposit bonus into a staking account and leaving them there for the entire payout period. By doing this, you can maximize your staking rewards and ensure that you're making the most out of your bankroll.

How much time are you willing to invest in playing at online casinos?

Time investment is crucial to consider. Strike a balance between your gaming and other life activities. Remember, gaming should be a fun, enjoyable activity that improves your lifestyle, not overpowers it. It is important that you don’t end up spending quality time with your family and friends over gambling, so stay vigilant of your life outside iGaming and the red flags that might come up when you lose balance.

Get ready to dive into the exciting world of no-deposit bonus faucet tournaments with Luckydice. Earning crypto rewards has never been this easy and fun!

To Sum Up

Luckydice's No-Deposit Bonus Faucet Tournaments present a highly stimulating opportunity for crypto enthusiasts to elevate their earnings without taking any financial risk. Our platform offers a great selection of provably fair games and exciting 1-hour tournaments, where players can win KONG tokens and reap substantial rewards. In addition, we are committed to ensuring that our customers enjoy a responsible gaming experience by providing the necessary tools for players to set personal limits and make the most out of our KONG staking system. Join the world of Luckydice today and discover how effortless and exhilarating earning crypto rewards can be!

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